Hi, I’m tianheg

Ask myself Some Questions

  1. If you didn’t think about what you write, why you wrote it?
  2. Thinking about what you write, is it really hard?


I’m a software developer from China with goals around building knowledge management for the web. You can view my portfolio at

I built this site as a vault for my ongoing PKM. The topics are broad and cover things like self-education, Computer Science & Web Concepts personal knowledge management (PKM), Productivity, entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing, Wealth Creation, and whatever other rabbit holes I find myself in. I’ve committed to sharing my findings with the world. If you’re willing to let people access your life, they’ll find what they need to help you succeed.

This page is my personal research environment and an experiment in learning in public.

Note categorization is loosely based on the zettelkasten system. Whenever you add a new note, the zettelkasten method forces you to look for already existing notes you can link to. That broadens your thinking by forcing you to consider how new ideas relate to others you’ve encountered before. If you start with an initial idea you cannot help but filter everything you encounter. However, the zettelklasten system has no preconceptions of what it is fed over the long term, it builds on your thoughts over a period of time that could possibly span years. New ideas and insights will form just by comparing notes side by side. In turn, questions will emerge from the work, rather than being imposed on it.

One important notion, there will be very few straight lines within this platform. It should be dominated by curves and offshoots.

If you want to view the code you can do so here. You can see my TO-DO list for the site. If you want to get in touch with me or have any comments, you can do so by emailing me at [email protected]

P.S. As these are my personal notes some of them may not make any sense to you or be part complete. My intent for is to use them for developing ideas over time.

If you happen to stumble across my notes on learning to code please be aware that they are written on a Ubuntu Linux developer environment.

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