1. I to install

  2. us keyboard layout, ? to see layout list

  3. hostname system hostname

  4. em0 network interface

  5. dhcp IPv4 address for em0

  6. none IPv6 address for em0

  7. done for network interface

  8. password for root account

  9. yes start sshd(8) by default

  10. yes to run X window system

  11. yes to start X window system by xenodm(1)

  12. username to setup a user

  13. username to user’s full name

  14. password to user’s password WARNING: root is targeted by password guessing attacks, pubkeys are safer.

  15. no don’t allow root ssh login

  16. Asia/Shanghai timezone

  17. default root disk

  18. default(whole) disk MBR

  19. default layout

  20. http location of sets

  21. default HTTP proxy URL

  22. ? to search HTTP Server, then open terminal again, input

  23. default Server directory

  24. default Set name(s)

  25. default location of sets

  26. Fix time

  27. reboot

  28. If you access the installation again, you should remove the iso file

Common Usage

su # access root 
shutdown -p now # shutdown now