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Difference between PDF and ePUB

  • A PDF is an electronic form of paper that is static, fixed, and unchangeable. Just like you can’t customize a physical book for printing, you can’t really customize a pdf file. It’s very inflexible. But he is easy to use, copy, and share.

  • ePUB was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum more than a decade after the birth of PDF, and has become the standard format for digital publishing. It is the most suitable format for e-books.

What are the advantages of ePUB compared with PDF?

  1. relatively easy to create and edit files

  2. the main feature that distinguishes ePUB from PDF files is its ability to rearrange content

  3. the ability to add media files (audio, video, rich images)

  4. supports multiple readers

  5. a favorite of e-bookstores

  6. provides higher security than PDF